(Imam al-Khoei Cultural Association - Paris, France)

By His Name The Most High


The Imam al-Khoei Cultural Association congratulates the Imam of our Era may Allah hasten his appearance, our Great Scholars, and the entire Islamic Community for the celebration of the completion of the religion and official nomination of Imam Ali -pbuh- as the Guardian of the Islamic community, on the event of Eid al-Ghadir (Ghadir Day) 1436 AH. It invites you to celebrate this event on Saturday 03 October 2015 starting from 19:30. The program will include the following:

  • Quran lecture
  • Congregational Prayers
  • Activities / Contests for Kids
  • Poetry and Anashid
  • Conferences in Arabic and French
  • Dinner in honor of this honorable event

Ghadir Day