(Imam al-Khoei Cultural Association - Paris, France)

The Imam al-Khoei Cultural Association of Paris present its condolences to the Imam of Our Time -mAhha-, as well as our Great Scholars, the Islamic Community, and the entire Humanity, for the sad event of the martyrdom of the Master of the Successors, the Father of the Orphans, the Commander of the Believers, Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib -pbuh-.

You are invited to commemorate this event and assist to the conferences and elegies on the evenings between Friday June 24 2016 and Tuesday June 28 2016, as well as assist at the spiritual Nights of Destiny, which will take place the three evenings of Friday June 24 2016, Sunday June 26 2016, and Tuesday June 28 2016.

The program will start on these days as of 8:00pm and will be led by his Eminence Shaikh Ismail al-Khaliq for these nights, as well as the last two weeks of the holy month of Ramadhan 1437 AH / June-July 2016.