(Imam al-Khoei Cultural Association - Paris, France)

By His Name The Most High

  • Following the rulings of Grand Ayatollah Seyyed Ali al-Sistani (may Allah protect him), since the moon crescent for the Holy Month of Ramadhan 1438 AH has not been sighted on Friday night, therefore Sunday May 28, 2017 will be the first day of the blessed month.

The Imam al-Khoei Cultural Association congratulates you on the new holy month of Ramadhan 1438 AH, during which the gates of heaven are open as the Messenger Muhammad -pbuh&hf- said. The program will start on Saturday May 27, 2017 and will be as following for the holy month including lectures from Shaikh Mustafa al-Khaliq in french for the first 2 weeks (with live arabic and persian translations), and Allama Shaikh Esmail al-Khaliq in arabic for last 2 weeks (with live french and persian translations):

  • From 19:40 to 20:40: Tajwid and Quran recitation
  • From 20:40 to 21:00: Duaa al-Iftetah
  • From 21:00 to 21:05: Jurisprudence Questions and Answers regarding fasting specifically about the holy month of Ramadhan
  • From 21:05 to 21:20: Intervention in Persian regarding the youth challenges
  • From 21:20 to 22:00: Main Lecture regarding Ethics in Islam
  • Then Maghrib and Ishaa Congregational Prayers, followed by the Iftaar (breakfast) meal

May Allah (swt) bless all Muslims for He is All Hearing and [He] is the Answerer of Prayers.