(Imam al-Khoei Cultural Association - Paris, France)

By His Name The Most High

  • Following the rulings of Grand Ayatollah Sayyed Abul-Qasim al-Khoei (may Allah's mercy be upon him), the holy month of Ramadhan 1437 AH starts on Tuesday 07 June 2016.
  • Following the rulings of Grand Ayatollah Sayyed Ali al-Sistani (may Allah protect him), since the moon crescent for the Holy Month of Ramadhan 1436 AH has been sighted on Monday night, therefore Tuesday 7 June 2016 will be the first day of the blessed month.

The Imam al-Khoei Cultural Association congratulates you on the new holy month of Ramadhan 1437 AH, during which the gates of heaven are open as the Messenger Muhammad -pbuh&hf- said. The program will start on Thursday 9 June 2016 and will be as following for the holy month including lectures from Shaikh Mustafa al-Khaliq in french for the first 2 weeks (with live arabic and persian translations), and Allama Shaikh Esmail al-Khaliq in arabic for last 2 weeks (with live french and persian translations):

  • From 20:00 to 21:00: Tajwid and Quran recitation
  • From 21:00 to 21:20: Duaa al-Iftetah
  • From 21:20 to 21:25: Jurisprudence Questions and Answers regarding fasting specifically about the holy month of Ramadhan
  • From 21:25 to 21:40: Intervention in Persian regarding the youth challenges
  • From 21:40 to 22:20: Main Lecture regarding Ethics in Islam
  • Then Maghrib and Ishaa Congregational Prayers, followed by the Iftaar (breakfast) meal

May Allah (swt) bless all Muslims for He is All Hearing and [He] is the Answerer of Prayers.